Axiom Zen

Axiom Zen's redesigned site was finished in October of 2016. I led the redesign and handled the majority of the front end development.

The new website was designed to reflect the growing number of impressive products and notable stories coming out of the company.

My Role

  • 01 Full Website Redesign
  • 02 Identity Design
  • 03 Front-end layout & CSS

Landing Page

The landing page highlights relevant news stories involving the company's products, team, or events.

It also showcases featured products and a selection of recognizable companies that are using Axiom Zen products or has written news articles about the company and/or its products.

News Stories

The blog was redesigned as a news section of the site so that we could provide previews of news articles from other sites.

This redesign included a page for browsing stories and a full article page.

Product Pages

Case studies were designed for some of the company's notable projects.

They go through the product strategy behind the project and highlight the success that it resulted in.