CryptoKitties lets you buy, sell, and breed virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain.

I was the sole UX/UI designer for the launch version of the game and eventually led a team of designers as the product was scaled up due to the success of the launch.

My Role

  • 01 Lead UX & UI Design
  • 02 Branding

Designing the experience

I joined the team to plan and design the CryptoKitties user experience. The design process helped shape the direction of the product and led to an explosion in popularity that spawned many "copycats".

Designing the visual langauge

In addition to designing the user experience, I was also responsible for creating the visual language and identity of CryptoKitties.

I worked closely with the art team to make sure that the colours, icons, and overall look and feel of the interface matched the style of the artwork.

Press Coverage

A lot of media outlets covered the success of CryptoKitties including this video by Vox which serves as an insightful breakdown of what CryptoKitties is.