Routific's web interface provides a route optimization solution for hundreds of businesses.

I worked with the Routific team to design the original user interface for their web app.

My Role

  • 01 Dispatcher View UX & UI
  • 02 Driver View UI
  • 03 Pitch Video

Driver/Location Setup

Businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles start using this app by inputting the location of all of their vehicles as well as the location of all their delivery spots / pick-up locations.

Route Visualization

The app figures out the most optimal routes for each driver and visually lists them out. This design provides users with the option to edit routes by dragging and dropping the pins from one route to another.

Driver Mobile UI

When these routes are dispatched to the fleet, drivers receive an ordered list of their destinations on the mobile app.

Pitch Video

For the launch of this web app, I also designed the pitch video that quickly demonstrates the benefits of the software.