When the Timeline News app launched on the iOS App Store, it caught the attention of Apple and went on to receive numerous App Store features and awards throughout the year it was released.

The team I was working with at Axiom Zen was tasked with designing and engineering the app experience.

My Role

  • 01 UI Prototyping
  • 02 Landing Page Design
  • 03 Graphic Design Support


One my main responsibilities was to design and rapidly prototype new screens for the iOS app. The entire app experience was fully realized with all transitions and animations even before it went to the development team.

Visualzing all these designs improved communication between the designers, the engineers, and the client. It also allowed us to experiment with animations like parallax scrolling on the home screen.


I also worked on the design of timeline.com. It was initially used to capture more downloads for the app and to showcase articles that they were receiving from the press. This landing page was both designed and developed by me.

Eventually, timeline.com transitioned from the landing page to a full featured web version of the Timeline product. I worked on the layout for early versions of the Timeline web interface which can be seen below.

Graphic Design

During the design and development of the iOS app, I also provided graphic design support for the Timeline team by creating marketing assets for social media and print as well as investor pitch decks.